Казахстан и мир

16 September 2015
Russia and the countries hitting each other with political and economic strikes while the Ukrainian crisis develops. The United States have extended sanctions for one year against Russia in early March, despite the achieved agreements in Minsk in February and related expectations to soften tensions in Ukraine. In case of non fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, Washington threatens Moscow of imposing more sanctions together with the European countries
25 June 2014
Developments progress and prospects in Afghanistan concern many countries of the Central Asian region and world powers, which pursue their own interests. These interests and geopolitical rivalry define strategic importance of contemporary Afghanistan now and in coming years. That is why withdrawal of military forces of international coalition from Afghanistan scheduled for 2014 brings to the fore many issues not only due to the future prospects of Afghanistan itself but also due to the shift in the balance of powers in the region and outcome of the geopolitical rivalry of all interested parties, which seek to get influence in Afghanistan.