01 February 2017
The annual addresses of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan have become a traditional instrument of the state strategic planning and of communication between the authorities and the society.
25 January 2017
The book by Talgat Zhumagulov, a Kazakhstan diplomat, describes a very interesting period in the history of Kazakhstan and its diplomacy, when our country chaired the OSCE.
24 January 2017
A collection of articles "Kazakhstan and the policy of nuclear non-proliferation" is dedicated to an extremely relevant topic
06 January 2017
One of the serious problems of Kazakhstan's intellectual space is a critical insufficiency of high-quality researches. Whereas preparing and submitting analytical reports is a worldwide practice, such publications are rare in Kazakhstan. And high-quality works in the Kazakh language are almost non-existent.
06 January 2017
In the articles of the new issue, the experts examine focal problems of the domestic and economic policy of Kazakhstan, as well as the lay of the land in international relations.
03 November 2016
In difficult times, any government faces the issue of efficiency. The challenges faced by Kazakhstan in recent years, after the collapse of primary commodity markets, revealed the need to find new solutions in economic policy and management. And, obviously, the competition in economic thoughts and ideas is required for that. So, in September, Prime Minister Bakhytzhan Sagintayev met with independent economists who shared their vision of the development of Kazakhstan's economy.
28 October 2016
The new issue of the scientific journal "Kazakhstan in global processes" contains articles on recent issues of Kazakhstan's economy, politics and society, as well as the trends in international relations.
04 August 2016
In 2016, the word "iftar," an analogue of the traditional concept of the Arab "auyzashar" (breaking the fast), appeared in the domestic discourse for the first time during the religious fasting Oraz. The Arabic term began to appear on café signs in Almaty and found its way into everyday speech. This objectively shows that the two language markers started to coexist in the life of the society. This bears evidence of the cultural changes that have to be researched in the scope of an interdisciplinary discourse of religious studies, sociology, ethnography and linguistics.
26 July 2016
A new issue of the scientific journal “Kazakhstan in Global Processes” No.2, 2016 has been published.
22 July 2016
On 18 July, the southern capital of Kazakhstan was shocked by terrorist activity of Ruslan Kulikbaev, who shot dead and wounded eight policemen, killing two civilians on top of that. A huge city was shaken by the actions of a single terrorists. A deluge of negative and unverified information hit the city-dwellers, and nobody really knew how to deal with that, despite the fact that it was not the first terrorism-related incident in Almaty.