Kazakhstan and the World

17 April 2017

At the end of 2016, the agreement between the EEA and Vietnam on establishing of a free trade zone came into effect. According to the Eurasian Economic Commission, the project is expected to cause an increase in trade turnover between the countries. Obviously, the main factor of the anticipated rise in trade is brought about by the drop in import tariffs by 89 percent for all commodity items. A reduction in duties has affected a number of agricultural and industrial goods.

06 January 2017
The formation, establishment and development of the institutional superstructures of the Eurasian integration mechanism have continued to this day. Creating economic integration association of Eurasian states as a response of the regional states to the challenges of the global economic crisis calls have predetermined respective tasks, structure and functionality of supranational bodies of the association – from the Integration Committee of the Eurasian Economic Community, to the Customs Union Commission, and eventually – the Eurasian Economic Commission.
26 November 2016
November 20, 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke about the possibility of accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was quite unexpected.
10 November 2016
Donald Trump's winning the presidential election in the US came to be a big surprise for many, not only in America, but throughout the rest of the world. You could even say that in a certain sense, it was a real shock. Nobody expected that the politician, who was repeatedly accused of political incorrectness, even racism and incompetence, with virtually the entire American establishment being against him, could possibly win.
01 October 2016
On 29 September, a representative of the Indian military made an unexpected announcement. According to him, the Indian army launched a series of "surgical strikes" in Kashmir to prevent the attacks of militants from Pakistan. The Pakistanis responded with artillery fire aimed at the Indian military.
26 September 2016
Experts in the region and abroad have traditionally viewed Tajikistan as a potential source of instability in the region. Despite the general stability the country has seen over these years, Tajikistan is now going through a very difficult phase in its modern history.
23 September 2016
Kazakhstan’s spatial and geographical position on the world map has been one its most stable features, and one of the most important for itself, located as it is in the heartland of Eurasia. As a landlocked country it shares a 14,000-kilometer border with five countries, two of which, Russia and China, are major regional and global powers. Hence, border relations have become increasingly important.
23 September 2016
The Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) has published Asset Ordabayev’s report about transport corridors of South Asia and Caucasus
23 September 2016
Geopolitical competition for Central Asia is centered around the transport corridors that are supposed to connect the region with the outside world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the issues of the southern (via Afghanistan) and western (via the Caucasus and Turkey) directions were among the most pressing and controversial.