A collection of articles "Kazakhstan and the policy of nuclear non-proliferation" has been published

A collection of articles "Kazakhstan and the policy of nuclear non-proliferation" is dedicated to an extremely relevant topic. Although Kazakhstan has been a leader in the policy of nuclear non-proliferation in the world since the end of the 1980s, closed the nuclear test site and renounced possession of nuclear weapons, the issue has reemerged today. Because of the world's growing instability, there are  increasing contradictions not just among the members of the nuclear club, but also between the countries which came close to the technical possibility of possessing nuclear weapons.

"Kazakhstan and the policy of nuclear non-proliferation." Collection of articles. Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) under the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation. ­– Astana – Almaty, 2016. - 160 pages.


Sultan Akimbekov - Preface

Ekaterina Berkutova – The policy of nuclear non-proliferation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Gregory Gleason - Promise and Peril of Nuclear Technologies: Security Implications of New Isotopic Separation

Togzhan Kasenova - Kazakhstan in the global nuclear policy

Alma Sultangalieva - Nuclear weapons and the Indo-Pakistani confrontation

Evgeny Pastukhov - Nuclear non-proliferation issues in the Middle East

Anton Bugaenko - Korean impasse: how the nuclear bomb became North Korea's only hope

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