Kazakhstan strongly opposes any military solution on the Korean peninsula - expert opinion

The leading expert at the Institute of World Economics and Politics Zhumabek Sarabekov commented on the speech of the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov during the session of the UN "Kazinform."

On September 21, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov addressed the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, stating that Kazakhstan supports reform and advocacy for a more efficient functioning of the UN.

"For over a year now, there has been a discussion that UN faces bureaucracy problems and many mistakes are made in management, which makes some optimization necessary. Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov spoke in favor of reform that would make the UN more flexible, more efficient, "the expert said. "After all, this idea was expressed by our Head of State in his manifesto "Peace. XXI century," addressed to the leaders of all world nations," he noted. Also, Kazakhstan spoke in support of the elimination of nuclear weapons and for a complete ban on nuclear testing.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RK called on the DPRK to abandon the nuclear program, and on the Security Council on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons expressed the position that the initiative of Russia and China on Korea should be considered. Indeed, China and Russia have recently put forward the idea of reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula, which includes the so-called "double suspension."

First, the nuclear missile tests are being suspended by the DPRK. Secondly, the US and South Korea should, in turn, suspend military maneuvers close to the borders of North Korea. "Kazakhstan stands for the ruling out of a military solution, but sanctions must remain in place. At the same time, steps to reducing tensions should be made," said Sarabekov.

The expert also noted that during the meeting with the Chairman of the UN General Assembly, Miroslav Lajcak, the Foreign Minister expressed the idea of holding a nuclear security summit in Astana. In addition, Kazakhstan urged the UN to restrict the access to the dissemination of radical and extremist views on the Internet and called for joint efforts.

"Kazakhstan is working to create a cyber shield system and plans to create its Internet protection system. For these purposes, $ 300,000 has been allocated to implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Central Asia," concluded Zhumabek Sarabekov.