Kazakhstan-China cooperation prospects

Mutually beneficial cooperation between Kazakhstan and China has reached a new level of development. It is proved by the multiple agreements reached during the state visit of Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev to China. China is one of the top five largest importers of Kazakh products. One of the topics of discussions during the visit of President Nazarbayev to China is the introduction of single standards of phytosanitary and veterinary procedures. According to experts, the single standard will allow increasing the volumes of shipments of agricultural products to China. The Kazakh producers exported agricultural products worth US$180 million to China in 2017.

According to Zhumabek Sarabekov, expert of Institute of World Economics and Politics, «there is a great demand for organic agricultural products in the Chinese market. The Kazakh producers have a competitive advantage in this field. Our agricultural producers can fill this gap and become suppliers of high quality meat and other agricultural products. In addition, the Chinese consumers are ready to pay a lot of money for organic products made in Kazakhstan. The leaders of Kazakhstan and China have agreed on joint implementation of innovative projects in the fields of chemical industry, machine-building and energy sector. In particular, the Kazakh and Chinese companies will launch a deep grain processing plant in Kazakhstan. The processed grain is used to manufacture fabrics, plastic material and polymeric metals. The investment for the project totals US$2.5 billion».