Astana EXPO boosted investment demand in economy

21 September 2017


International seminar "EXPO-2017: Economics. Energetics. Ecology," organized by the KISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Astana. Among those attending was the senior  expert of the “World political and economical  studies” program at the Institute of World Economics and Politics under the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy Aizhan Mukhyshbayeva.

According to experts, holding an international exhibition in Astana increased investment demand in the economy, gave a new impetus to the development of tourism, and also added to public awareness of new technologies.

– The volume of investment in the core assets of the capital for three sites alone – EXPO grounds, "Nurly Zhol" train station, and the new terminal of the airport – was about 750 billion tenge, the number of calls to tour operators increased by 78%, said Aizhan Mukhyshbayeva to summarize the event.

Among the speakers were Gertz Herbert, Executive Director of the Program for Mineral Resources for Development of the German Society for International Cooperation, Kanat Ospanov, Director General of the Center for Political Analysis and Strategic Studies of the Nur Otan Party, Arman Kashkinbekov, Director General of the Association of Renewable Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Chief Research Fellow of the KISS Vyacheslav Dodonov. International experts also stressed the importance of preserving the EXPO heritage. Important steps in this direction may be the inclusion of the green economy in educational programs, as well as the scientific research in the development and implementation of alternative energy sources.