Meeting with the founder of Stratfor George Friedman

11 November 2017


During the third session of the Astana Club, experts from the Institute of World Economics and Politics, as well as the leadership of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy met with the famous American political scientist, geopolitics, and strategic forecasting specialist George Friedman.


George Friedman is the founder of the world-famous private intelligence and analytical agency Stratfor. It is a leading consulting company providing services in the field of geopolitical analysis and forecasting for individuals and organizations around the world, including government structures in the US and other countries. It publishes daily information intelligence reports on topical issues of geopolitics, risks, and threats to international security. In recent years, the agency has focused on the analysis of the confrontation between Russia and Western countries.


G. Friedman is the author of such bestsellers as “America’s Secret War” (2004), “The Next 100 Years: A forecast for the 21st Century” (2009), “The Next Decade. 2011-2021” (2010), “Flashpoints. The Emerging Crisis in Europe” (2015).

His popularity has been due to long-term futuristic forecasts of the geopolitical development of the world. It is worth noting that he managed to predict, for example, the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the complication of relations between the US and Germany several years ahead of the events.

Currently, G. Friedman leads the analytical organization “Geopolitical Futures,” based in Texas (Austin).


Being an invited participant of the Astana Club, the American political scientist visited Kazakhstan for the first time.

During the meeting, G. Friedman noted a number of key factors and challenges in the development of Eurasia, including the intensification of the continent's fragmentation processes, the economic crisis in Russia, China's pursuit of the position of the technological leader, the general alarming trend towards militarization, etc.

The political scientist stressed Kazakhstan's special leadership role in Central Asia in the context of developing economic cooperation and ensuring security and stability in the region.

At the end of the meeting, an autograph session with the famous American expert took place in informal surroundings.