10 July 2017

The leaders of the largest economies of the world who participated in the summit managed to reach a compromise to preserve the principles of free trade and open markets. In particular, an agreement on the non-use of protectionist measures in circumvention of the WTO rules was reached, supported by all member countries of the club, including the United States.

29 June 2017

An international conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the Nazarbayev Center in Astana. During the conference, Kazakhstan and foreign diplomats, government officials and experts from leading analytical and academic centers of the country summed up the results, marked the achievements and discussed future directions of the development of Kazakhstan's foreign policy in the context of current trends of global humanitarian development.

20 June 2017

The results of the second round of parliamentary elections have solidified the position of the newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron.

It should be noted that the Macron party "En Marche!" won the majority of seats in the French parliament (308 out of 577 mandates). In addition, the allied centrist party "Democratic Movement" (MoDem) has 42 additional mandates. As a result, the current composition of the National Assembly has got an absolute pro-presidential majority.

16 June 2017

On June 15, the annual direct line with the Russian president was held in a traditional format of questions from the citizens of the country and answers of V. Putin. The direct line feedback format allows the Russian authorities to directly reach out the broad segments of the population, as well as foreign audiences, voice their positions on the most important problems of the country's development, and, of course, demonstrate the political and leadership skills and awareness of the country's leaders about the situation in various regions of the country.

16 June 2017

The ceremony of raising flags of India and Pakistan, which became new full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the Astana summit, was held at the SCO headquarters in Beijing on June 15, on the day of the 16th anniversary of the SCO founding. The flag of India was located between the flags of the SCO and Kazakhstan, and the flag of Pakistan was between the flags of Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

07 June 2017

On June 5, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Libya, the Maldives, Mauritius and Yemen announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar and the intention to interrupt air and sea communications with the state. All these countries blame Qatar for the destabilizing the situation in the region, supporting terrorist and extremist activities, financing groups associated with Iran, as well as harboring the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Association and spreading the ideology of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

07 June 2017
Delhi, Islamabad to formally join Shanghai Cooperation Organisation this week and experts are wary that their inclusion could affect the Eurasian bloc’s unity and effectiveness.
01 June 2017

Director of the Institute of world economy and politics under the Foundation of the First President of the RK – the Leader of the Nation Yerzhan Saltybaev analyzed the results of the international "Belt and Road" Forum held in Beijing in his material for the Central Communications Service website.

30 May 2017

When the U.S. President Donald Trump arrived on an official visit to Riyadh on May 20, Saudi Arabia became the first country chosen by the American leader for a foreign trip as the U.S. President. It is generally considered that the choice of a Muslim state and the Middle East region – and Riyadh in the region – for the first foreign tour is unprecedented and is worth special attention.

25 May 2017

The reason for this may be the growing production of American shale oil. Anuar Almaganbetov, an expert of the Institute of world economics and politics under the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation, believes that the meeting in OPEC will not resolve the issue with the world balance of supply and demand for oil. The countries will extend the agreement on limiting oil production for 9 months, while not going for any further reduction in oil production, which is offered by Russia and Saudi Arabia.