18 April 2017

It’s been the second year of the inflation targeting implementation in Kazakhstan. Last year, with a target of 6-8 percent, the inflation amounted to 8.6%, according to the data of the financial regulator. In general, the slowdown in the price surge was observed in Azerbaijan, which has a similar economic model, and Russia, which is the main supplier of imported goods to our country.

17 April 2017

At the end of 2016, the agreement between the EEA and Vietnam on establishing of a free trade zone came into effect. According to the Eurasian Economic Commission, the project is expected to cause an increase in trade turnover between the countries. Obviously, the main factor of the anticipated rise in trade is brought about by the drop in import tariffs by 89 percent for all commodity items. A reduction in duties has affected a number of agricultural and industrial goods.

15 February 2017
Presidential elections took place in Turkmenistan. The victory of the incumbent president as the main favorite of the election campaign was a foregone conclusion, and therefore the election itself could not be called a strength test of the political regime.
15 February 2017
On Sunday, February 12, regular presidential elections were held in Turkmenistan. According to the voting results, the incumbent president Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov won a clear-cut victory, with the support of more than 97 percent of the voters and was re-elected, according to the new amendments to the constitution, for the next 7 years.
01 February 2017
The annual addresses of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan have become a traditional instrument of the state strategic planning and of communication between the authorities and the society.
25 January 2017
The book by Talgat Zhumagulov, a Kazakhstan diplomat, describes a very interesting period in the history of Kazakhstan and its diplomacy, when our country chaired the OSCE.
24 January 2017
A collection of articles "Kazakhstan and the policy of nuclear non-proliferation" is dedicated to an extremely relevant topic
06 January 2017
One of the serious problems of Kazakhstan's intellectual space is a critical insufficiency of high-quality researches. Whereas preparing and submitting analytical reports is a worldwide practice, such publications are rare in Kazakhstan. And high-quality works in the Kazakh language are almost non-existent.
06 January 2017
In the articles of the new issue, the experts examine focal problems of the domestic and economic policy of Kazakhstan, as well as the lay of the land in international relations.
06 January 2017
The formation, establishment and development of the institutional superstructures of the Eurasian integration mechanism have continued to this day. Creating economic integration association of Eurasian states as a response of the regional states to the challenges of the global economic crisis calls have predetermined respective tasks, structure and functionality of supranational bodies of the association – from the Integration Committee of the Eurasian Economic Community, to the Customs Union Commission, and eventually – the Eurasian Economic Commission.